Gogatsu Kensha No Chiara Mei

Chiara Mei, Meikkuli, Mei, she's our Little Miss Sunshine, such a loving little character. 
Unfortunately there was some troubles in her birth and she was born in a very bad position. Our vet noticed something wrong with her movements  in an official puppy exam.
So we decided to keep her for a while, but she stayed with us for good. Now, when we took her to the official hip and elbow-x-rays, the result was devastated, Mei's hips are the worst E/E and her elbows 0/1.

So she stays with us and we are doing our best to make her life as painless as possible. Luckily Mei's body structure's light and muscular, let's hope those qualities will help her... not to mention her loving and optimistic nature.

Chiara Mei, she has a mission among the elderly people. Some of the very demented people, started to talk about their own dogs. Those who never said a word before... They call her the GOLDEN DOG.