Summer-autumn 2019

L'Hachidai of Senzo Nö & Astra Victoriya Wakana


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Daigo go Kawasaki Takayamasou & H'Nana de la Vallée des Samourais

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We are hoping to have a red litter next summer-autumn for H'Nana de la Vallée des Samouraïs and Daigo go Kawasaki Takayamasou

Nana's HD  A/A, ED 0/0, Eyes OK
Daigo's HD B/B, ED 0/0, Eyes OK

Buying a Gogatsu Kensha-puppy

 Puppies leave to their new homes

-at the minimum age of 7 weeks (in Finland)
 -powered with barf based on raw meat and fish
- with written feeding instructions
- dewormed 3 times 
 - microchipped 
 -registered to the Finnish Kennel Club or Export Pedigree
- insured in Agria against latent faults 
- with vet check and vet's certificate and required vaccinations
- their blood samples are sent to Hannes Lohi Canine Genetic studies https://www.koirangeenit.fi/english/
-with generous puppy parcel

Nana-Hachidai-puppies are reserved!!


Puppies are 2 weeks old now. They have been dewormed and had their nails clipped etc. They have names, too.
I'm grateful to our German friend Nicole Morgenstern, who has chosen wonderful names... again. We didn't forget the puppy no 7 who didn't come in to the world alive. This beautiful male puppy is Fuyu Makani 'Winter Wind'. I'm waiting for the spring so I can bury him under my magnolia tree.

Gogatsu Kensha No Fubuki *Snowstorm* brindle girl

Gogatsu Kensha No Fujimi 'Nobody can harm him* brindle boy

Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Fuhihiko *Winter Fire Child* brindle girl

Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Bara * Winter Rose* brindle girl

Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyo Yoko * Winter Sun Child* brindle girl

Gogatsi Kensha No Fudo *God of Fire* brindle boy

Ayame- Hachidai- puppies are in the world now September 10

We have 5 wonderful puppies... 2 girls and 3 boys, all having lovely bridle colour without markings. 
I'm over the moon, puppies and Ayame are doing fine. It took Ayame 3 hours to bring them to the world, Ayame's such a strong female and loving mother so my task will be her humble servant for couple of weeks, now. 

Here they are... Gogatsu Kensha E-litter, 2 boys and 3 girls all beautiful brindle coloured