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About Us

Welcome to Gogatsu Kensha homepage. Gogatsu is Japanese and means the month of May and Akita is my breed.

Spring time is very dear to me. I’m a spring time child and some of my Akitas are born in the same month. Springtime holds a promise. The cold winter has given up and being a keen gardener I’m anxious to see my bulbes and perennials again.

I should say that I’ m living my childhood dream in a house about 100 km north of Helsinki. I share the house with my husband Jouko, our son Onni.
My first Akita, brindle male Yukiguni No Tsuyamono Go aka Lassi came to us in 2005 and a couple of years later a red bitch Vuorenvarman Jalopeno aka Momo from Noora Vahvelainen. Momo was co-owned with Noora and little by little my pack was getting bigger and bigger.


On January 1st 2011 Momo gave birth to a litter of 6 wonderful puppies, Vuorenvarman U-litter. Momo’s delivery was somehow very touching as she gave birth under my arm, in our bed. Naturally, we kept one male pup, Vuorenvarman Ukkojen Ukko aka Uki. And then there were three.

My Akita-addiction was getting worse and worse (better and better?). In Autumn, last year my French Princess H’Nana de la Vallée des Samourais entered our lives.
And in July, this year, my dear husband Jouko brought me a wonderful British brindle boy Keshisuki’s Chill Winston from London.

Sad things happened, too. My great love Lassi was diagnosed SA (Sebaceous Adenitis).
My heart was broken even if I knew that someday it would happen because he had developed some of the symptoms. My great dream to mate Momo and Lassi was ruined at that moment. Luckily his SA is very mild and I think that BARF diet and high quality omega-3 fatty acids has something to do with it. If there is something good in Lassi’s illness it is that it forced me to learn more about akita’s health risks.

July did not turn out to be all that dark, as good news arrived later in the month. My daughter’s Akitas Daigo go Kawasaki Takayamasou and Hikari des Dragons du Soleil Rouge were having *surprise love litter*.

I wanted to registrate that exceptionally wonderful litter of 6 beauties under my Kennel name. We kept two of the puppies Gogatsu Kensha Ayame and Gogatsu Kensha Arashi-boy stayed with my daughter Jenni. The story of Gogatsu Kensha Kennel was completed.

My 6 Akitas are my pride and joy and living with us as family members. Every one of them is very special that completes the whole pack. The puppies live in the family, too, until they’ll go to their new families.We have kennels where our dogs can be when ever they like. We take our dogs for a walk three times a day, plus we make very long walks together in the week-ends.These long walks mean a lot to me and my husband.
All our Akitas are powered with BARF. I started raw food first with Lassi and our puppies are mainly on the same diet, too.

I have noticed that people having cats turn out to be Akita fanciers, as well.
My daughter Jenni and I make no exception in that. I have two Ocicats, Anórien’s St. Elmo’s Fire aka Elmo and his daughter Peikkolan Joyleaf aka Cinna.
My daughter Jenni has 4 rescue cats, Wäino, Helmi, Mimosa and Ounou.
Naturally all the puppies are customed with cats and teenagers. Our house is full of Onni’s friends and our Akitas love our visitors.