From left Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Bara 'MILLA' Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Bara 'KUKI' L'Hachidai of Senzo Nö'NALLE'

January, 26, 2019

January will be soon over and I'm happy to head towards spring again. Well, everybody knows I'm a bit too optimistic, it's a long way to go... the nights will be extremely cold -20 next week, but still I'm happy to see the days getting longer and longer every week and the sun. We have had breathtakingly beautiful sunny winter days with lots of snow, so no reason for complaining. 

Last autumn and the end of 2018, we have been trying to renovate this house but not very successfully. My husband Jouko has been very busy in lecturing Economics in University. He has been traveling between Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and I just taking care of our pack of 10 akitas and one cat, Cinna-The-Ocicat.To our great sorrow we lost our Momo to pyometra last September. I was devastated, because Momo was so wise, beautiful and gentle, still a typical Akita, our guardian dog and a gentle nanny to our puppies. We miss our beautiful Momo enormously. No-one can replace you, my darling.

We had another sorrows, too. Keshisuki's Chill Winston diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and his son, Gogatsu Kensha No Chino was diagnosed with Cystinuria. Luckily Chino's Cystinuria is in control, now. Some Cystinuria cases are testosterone biased so castrating will help. Chino took part in Hannes Lohi Cystinuria research, but no break thru so far. 
I had breeding plans for Gogatsu Kensha No Chino, but I must postpone them until I know better if/ when Winston's getting better. So often and unfortunately hypothyroidism goes together with other auto-immune diseases. Let's wait and see.     

Gogatsu Kensha No Eiyu Kuma aka KUMA has been extremely successful in show rings. He has achieved so far 4 CACs and 3 BOB and remember, he's only 16 months old. He needs only one CAC at the age of 24 months and he will be Finnish Champion.Not being just a wonderful show dog, Kuma has other qualities, too. Kuma has been hunting with his family. Last autumn he even fetched a duck and carried  the bird to the owners. No-one ever taught this 'retriever' skill to him. People say he's a true natural talent. 
Soon Kuma will start a serious training to be a Finnish Champion in MEJÄ. Freely translated MEJÄ is a blood tracking test for hunting dogs. Fingers crossed for Terhi- Pete-Kuma-team that their dream will come true. I believe Kuma will be the first Akita to achieve that MEJÄ-Championship title here in Finland. 

Kuma's brother, Gogatsu Kensha No Eiyo Hachi Kaito aka KAITO has been on TV-commercial on Channel 2 last December. Kaito has a mission to be a HYPO Alert-dog one day. And he's almost a professional in sailing, too.

AND... maybe we will have litter or possibly even two litters in the near future ;)

I have tried to have one litter from my Nana and Daigo, so far no success. They have been just playing. Maybe the timing wasn't right..Anyway I'll try again very soon. Time flies so fast.

I have plan for my Ayame, too, before our next generations will take over. 

PLUS... I must add a brindle akita in my Gogatsu Kensha-logo. Red ones are in the minority,
 now :D
April 29, 2018

We are taking a break from breeding, now. So no puppy plans for now. Our house is full, because I will not get rid of my Akitas just because they are old or out of breeding. Not a very professional, one may think. To me, my Akitas, are part of the family, all individuals and valuable. They have given us so much love, now it's our turn to give them something back.
Besides, our old house needs renovating.... you can well imagine in a household of several adults and occasional puppies :D
We have a new generation growing... Gogatsu Kensha No Emi  Tomoko 'EMI' from Ayame and Hachidai. Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Fuhihiko 'KUKI-COOKIE* and Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Bara 'MILLA' from Nana-Hachidai-litter.
I just love to see them grow. Emi having so much from her grandparents, I love her movements and body structure.
And what about these two sisters, Kuki and Milla?... Kuki being so physical, a strong little rascal and Milla, quite opposite, beautiful and 'easier'... if you can say that about an Akita :D

I'm so grateful to all those lovely families who have chosen a Gogatsu Kensha-puppy. Let's continue to keep in touch.  

Gogatsu Kensha F-Litter born February 15, 2018

April, 2, 2018

Sorry for being so lazy with my updating. Time flies so fast and I have my hands full with the puppies, not forgetting the adults either. 
Next Thursday, the pups will be 7 weeks and most of them will leave to their new homes next weekend.
All of them will stay in the Southern Finland, not far from our kennel. And what lovely families they all have... again.
I can't express my gratefulness enough for knowing these wonderful people and sharing my views with them.
But, now, I'm planning to take a break from breeding and wait how our new Gogatsu Kensha- generation, Gogatsu Kensha No Emi Tomoko and Gogatsu Kensha No Fuyu Fuhihiko, will turn out to be.
Maybe still one litter for Ayame... Autumn  2019 earliest

Nana with her newborn puppies

Lovely pile of Akita puppies

Nana gave birth to 6 wonderful brindle puppies during the night between 15-16 th February. The litter consists of 4 girls and 2 boys.
Unfortunately the puppy number 7 brindle boy didn't see the daylight. 
That was the first time I had lost a puppy. I know, one must be prepared for losses, too. We humans like to be in control on everything, but Mother Nature always surprises, us humans.
Luckily the rest of the litter and their Mom are fine. Seeing the puppies grow will lighten my heavy heart. 
February 9, 2018

Nana's X-rays result... at least 7 large puppies!!! Her pregnancy days are now 56. Let's see if they will be born on the day 60. That's a magic number for our Gogatsu Kensha-puppies.
Everything is ready for the puppies and their mama. 

Both parents have A/A hips 0/0 elbows and healthy eyes. 

Both of the parents have one previous litter, Nana's litter C with Winston and  Hachidai's litter E with Ayame.

We are hoping for red and brindle puppies.  

H'Nana de la Vallée des Samouraïs

L'Hachidai of Senzo No

Oh, what a December!!!

Oh, last December was very very busy for me. All our females came in heat practically simultaneously. First, our Alfa female Nana, then her daughter Chiara Mei and finally Ayame... Ayame had her last litter in September (gorgeous litter E) and now, Ayame's plan was to make babies with Hachidai.. AGAIN :D... No way, said this breeder, it's Nana's turn, now.
Well, I'm so proud of this young Casanova, Hachidai. He sure has his way with our females. He's gentle but firm male and all our females adore him. Hachidai takes into consideration of all our females, even our granny Momo gets his attention.